Jazz T - Golden Ape Beat Tape

Live from the Groove proudly presents the Golden Ape Beat Tape; a selection of sure fire heavy duty beat slingers each featuring an exclusive track for the project deftly mixed by legendary stalwart of the UK Hip Hop scene Jazz T.

A limited number of cassette tapes featuring hand drawn tags will be available. The project will also be available on CD with vinyl-look matt print and hand drawn bespoke sleeves.

This is a homegrown project in every sense, from every beat and snare punched into MPC’s and SP’s to every hand drawn letter in every label tag this is grassroots and independent music made with authenticity.

You can hear the passion for the craft in every producers work on the tape. Clicking play is like watching Hip Hop culture in animation as the reels of the cassette spin.

So don’t sleep on this super limited run of 30 cassettes and we hope that you enjoy every track and the sublime mix from Jazz T as much as Live From The Groove have enjoyed and taken pride in putting this release together.

Jazz T

Live From The Groove

Side A
01 – Golden Ape Intro
02 – Gadget & GrandHuit – Speedboat
03 – Kuartz – Decadent
04 – D_Piff – Back Seat Drivin’
05 – Conbel Evrence – Working
06 – Conbel Evrence – Apeterlude
07 – Dweller – On The Grass
08 – Chilla Ninja – Last Man Standing
09 – Mazzini – Three Paths
10 – Chills Myth – Take A Cyde
11 – Orange Feel – Runny Colours

Side B

01 – Welcome to Side B
02 – Chills Myth – No Perps
03 – Lone Apostrophe – Full Court
04 – Conbel Evrence – Lost Potential
05 – Chills Myth – Who I Hang With
06 – ExP – Big Slacker (WYCypher Theme)
07 – Gadget – Downrock (Break Time Part 3)
08 – Conbel Evrence – Woah
09 – Interlude
10 – V – On My Needs
11 – Dusty Methods – Spirit Levels

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