John Brown Burb Life Previews [Audio]

John Brown, a.k.a. the King of da ‘Burbz, has been described as one of the most controversial figures in hip-hop at this point in time. He was propelled to national notoriety in the USA as a finalist on “Ego Trip’s (White) Rapper Show” on VH1. On the show Brown was best known for relentlessly marketing his company “Ghetto Revival” and one of their catchphrases – “Hallelujah Holla Back”.

Born in San Francisco, Brown was raised in Berkeley and Davis. When asked about his background John Brown stated that, “I was trying to find a little scene or whatever, some people that moved up from the bay”, he continued, “I started producing when I was in high school. I was kind of an oasis in my town”.

While in California, Brown began making music with Dred Scott and eventually moved to London where he lived for a year and grew as a producer. Following London, Brown moved to Brooklyn to intensify his grind and help build the foundation for the company now known as “Ghetto Revival”. Speaking of his business John Brown said, “Our whole M.O. is really unity. We are about people being their own bosses. Creating your own destiny, whether you’re from the ‘burbs or from the hood”.

John Brown is presently preparing for his Burb Life Mix Tape which is dropping soon and had to hit us off with a couple of previews:

If you are feeling this check out the link below:

John Brown

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