K-Saulz and Diffhop - The Craft LP

The Craft LP by K-Saulz and Diffhop is out now on Bard Picasso Records and available from all major Digital Streaming Platforms.

The LP hosts an array of talented MCs from Wales and across the pond with features from Dick Dastardly, DW Smith, Brighty, The Honest Poet, Harkos (US), A Gent Orange, BMellow and DJ Jaffa.

The project took about a year to create and was apparently lot of fun to put together. It involved contributions from Madgoon (Mastering) and Risk1 (Artwork). When asked about the release K-Saulz said, “it is which is something I’m extremely proud of and actually enjoy listening to myself… which is a good sign as I usually get bored and move on with my own tracks after listening to them so much during the creating process“.

The ten tracks represent ten writing styles and concepts that K-Saulz feels represent the different techniques and concepts of writing songs as a Hip Hop MC. He hopes you can guess what those are as you listen.



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