KI - Demo [Audio]

KI, Ronin, Wukong, Phoenix… whatever you call him; the Finsbury Park, North London poetic rapper is a most intriguing step out of an only well too known scene. One of the founding members of Itzblitz recordings and the C.E.O of Norf Key Productions, KI is a man with a mindset which is grounded in his North London pride, but stretching out for much more.

Listening to only one of these tracks is not recommended. Those who don't like 'Confused' will love 'You Can Try'. With its grimey attitude, typical Channel U strings and pathetically meaningless lyrics, this track will pull in any average youth. Those who can't handle 'You Can Try' will willingly embrace the smooth vocals, poetic lines and refreshingly original drum beats of 'Confused'. "My destiny confused to the end" is among a collection of lines you've no doubt heard before, the only thing fresh lyrically about this track is the whole confusion theme. Musically however, it is an instant win, with a long lasting professionalism Ronin needs to delve deeper into.

Ronin is not remotely ashamed of who he is or what he wants. If the audience respects him for that, so be it. But it's hard to understand what he stands for, or if he stands for anything at all when every time he hits the surface of personal lyrics he withdraws his mike so fast back into the generic words of many North London rappers. He's clearly more than that. But what that more is, the audience can decide. It's worth a listen for the beats, and an easy listen that won't leave you crawling through metaphors and reassessing the meaning of life, if that isn't that kind of hip hop you like. Somebody must be watching Channel U for it still to keep rolling. So somebody will appreciate the work of this young man Ronin.

Ronin Technique will be available from 25/02/09.

By: Nino

KI - Demo [Audio]

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