Kid Acne ft. Jaz Kahina and Vandal Savage - Transistors

No need to fear Friday the 13th, its the day when Kid Acne gets to testing ‘Transistors‘, the first single taken from his new album ‘Null And Void‘. Joined by East London firebrand Jaz Kahina and Nottingham’s Vandal Savage of the infamous VVV syndicate (alongside Juga-Naut and Cappo), ‘Transistors’ has Chicago producer Spectacular Diagnostics tuning up bouncy, horn-lead funk.

Its the perfect backing for the triumvirate to pump out a posse cut applying “higher science to the microphone appliance“. Don’t believe the hype? Check the opening sample of The Green Eyed Bandit setting the South Yorks agenda.

‘NULL & VOID’, Kid Acne’s fifth album and his first for London behemoths Lewis Recordings, promises a continuation of hip-hop delivering the mind-bending with unique everyman knowhow. Spectacular Diagnostics (Westside Gunn, Vic Spencer, Conway the Machine, Nolan the Ninja) is back on the boards for Kid Acne’s latest magical mystery tour, cutting the shackles of screen time and heading back to the great (socially distanced) outdoors with a fresh batch of wavy, chaos theorising boom-bap.

Beats by: Spectacular Diagnostics
Rhymes by: Kid Acne, Jaz Kahina and Vandal Savage
Mixed and mastered by: Dean Honer

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