King Kashmere - Sounds Like Home

Picture the scene; King Kashmere goes down a rabbit hole watching Cuth playing live on his Instagram channel. After catching much wonderment from the experience, KK DMs Cuth to propose the idea of working on some music together…

Fast forward a few and Kashmere finds himself riding a wave of overwhelming nostalgia as he listens through the zip Cuth swiftly sent his way. All the beats ‘Sounds Like Home‘. Potent flashes of his formative years in-and-around North West London begin to dominate his writing; all the time wrestling with the otherworldly references that have become synonymous with King Kashmere’s penmanship.

Fast forward a few more and ‘Sounds Like Home’ lands in our inbox; a thirteen tracker home to some of KK’s most emotive work to date. Reminiscing on simpler times, long lost friends and offering up a fresh perspective on the beauty (and brutality) of the human condition, ‘Sounds Like Home’ is both the first HF release of 2024 and an enlightening reminder of Kashmere’s view of the world.

As KK proclaims…

As I get older, where I grew up and has begun to resonate with me in a way that it has never used to. I used to take where I grew up and who I grew up with for granted, and this particular strain of beats really took me back to that place, hence the title. This project takes me to a place I would describe as simpler times…

King Kashmere


Track List:

  1. Change Your Energy 02:25
  2. Thick Bag Of Slime Feat. Alecs Delarge 02:58
  3. Sounds Like Home Feat. Addi P & Cj Sparkles 02:55
  4. Door Of Truth 02:33
  5. Places 02:39
  6. Valhalla 03:07
  7. Thick Bag Of Slime Feat. Alecs Delarge – Remix 03:19
  8. Change Your Energy (Instrumental) 02:26
  9. Thick Bag Of Slime (Instrumental) 02:58
  10. Sounds Like Home (Instrumental) 02:54
  11. Door Of Truth (Instrumental) 02:35
  12. Valhalla (Instrumental) 03:00
  13. Thick Bag Of Slime – Remix (Instrumental) 03:19

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