Leaf Dog - Don't Scare the Crows Now

How much material has Leaf Dog got? Coming just days after his previous release we now have another seventeen tracks on Don’t Scare the Crows Now. The entire effort is produced by Leaf Dog with the usual sampling prowess you would expect and he’s even got guest spots from DMX and CeeLo Green as well as cuts from DJ Jazz T.

Leaf Dog

Jazz T

Track List:

  1. Intro 01:48
  2. Hear To Remind You 03:05
  3. Where We Ending Up 02:55
  4. Opposites Attract 02:57
  5. I Dont Know Why 03:05
  6. The Dog House ft. DMX 02:48
  7. Feeling Better 02:45
  8. Picture This 02:18
  9. Evil Spirits 02:55
  10. Naysayers 02:47
  11. Replace Him 02:24
  12. Me And My DJ ft. Jazz T 02:22
  13. Where U Found Me 02:18
  14. The Thick Of It 02:04
  15. Toxic Gas 02:05
  16. You Know 02:51
  17. Black Widow ft. CeeLo Green 03:05

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