LED - Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]

Leddie is a 19 year old, self declared 'Synacle' female MC. Her conscious mind, unbeatable flow, intellectual observations and magnetic personality all make her one of the top female MCs to spit on this little Island we call Britain in a long, long time. As a member of the people's army, her mission is the one of any real hip hop head, to release some righteousness from an ensnared gangster pop scene.

She's supported some staggering UK hip hop names including Logical and Lowkey, Chester P, Skinnyman and Dr Syntax. Here we have the point pushing "I'm Waiting" and LED's personal favourite track, about a so-called 'mate', that no doubt, many of us can relate to – "Darlin". As well as "Easier", a lovely Britishhiphop.co.uk preview of some lines that'll be appearing over final beats at a later stage… Look out for the Peoples Army Mix CDs and DVDs. And the release of her solo E.P, and mixtape avec Smoggy.

If you are feeling this check out the link below.


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