Beetone - Rejoice By Redemption

This track London Bridge from Beetone was released on CD back in 2016 when he was eighteen years old. Its a little rougher than the previous stuff he did at the time as well as having a more chilled out beat style throughout.

This ‘chill type beat’ style was likely cause of the amount of codeine amongst other things Beetone was taking for a broken leg.

Speaking onthe track Beetone states, “Fun Fact Half of this project was recorded on a sofa during recovery period. Unlike Any other project this period In time I worked four jobs, using my spare time seshing to keep me active throughout work, juggling between an on-going court case and regular run ins with the law“.

Another fun fact that Beetone lets us in on is, “the album cover was taken whilst waiting to be seen in court, and the location no longer exists“. He also continues that, “unintentionally this also was the last project I dropped before I quit drinking and partying after a serious car incident just over a year later to the release of this project“.

Produced by: Beetone


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