MasterSystem - MasterSystem EP (free download)

My apologies go to the MasterSystem boys for not writing about their new free-to-download EP sooner – five tracks of quality Scottish Hip Hop done in their own firmly rooted style.

The EP kicks off with the fast-paced Verbal Goldmine, utilising on old skool bass break to great effect whilst the crew spit tongue twisters with playful panache. Making the Scots (and Lancashire) accent work for English folk the MCs spit clearly on Little Fingers whilst Anneke sings the chorus in style not unlike that of Lily Allen.

You will recognise See I Realise from my own On The Radar series (Vol. 4 coming soon) and It's Time finally answers the question 'What would Jurassic 5 sound like if they were Scottish/Lancastrian?', and as a J5 fan, I like that. Out of Luck is a very experimental instrumental track which is probably left best without raps – Ronin does his own thing here.

Download this for yourself and be entertained for 20 minutes. Look out for the forthcoming Certified Celtic Connection for more Scottish goodness.

Read more at: Certified Banger

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