Miss Tofelees And Smokio [Audio]

Whenever Miss Tofelees tells us she's got some new tunes for us to hear, it's impossible for up to suppress the hiccups and keep our hands in our pockets a second longer. Because, not only are we never let down, we are never able to guess what will be thrown out of the beat meat processor next…

This tune with Birmingham's Smokio is a winner straight off. 'How Long' has such a gorgeous jazzy sample and sway worthy beat, it totally smooths out Smokio's lines while he's asking his girlfriend to hurry up getting ready. Light hearted fun. It's a track for a day that needs a smile. So pass it on. You can also find this among some more relatable Smokio ish on his latest mixtape – Last Orders.

Next up is 'Feel So Right' featuring Kats, Domer and Rennaissance from New York on vocals. Available as part of Kats and Domer Present: Almost Fameless Mixtape Vol. 1 hosted by DJ SmutVillain… You can download the whole thing here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tjxmwe. And based on this track and Miss Tofelees' own praise, you'd be a fool not to. 'Feels So Right' most definitely has that New York bar chilling summer afternoon kind of feel. Not a Times Square over the top effort, it's a calm Brooklyn au-naturel track. Its a track that could easily have been made twenty years ago, in a studio freestyle with a few mates, with hip hop rising up the four walls on either side. Miss T is confident and able in her use of strings. Its not that unsure, or ignorant throw out some producers fling at us. The chorus presents some nicely placed violins and the verses have a jazzy, almost funky guitar loop that I haven't heard before. We all know where Dre is from. Styles P screams his roots all over every track. Dilla does it dilla… Miss Tofelees has such a diverse, open arms, open ears approach to music and hip hop that she could quite literally be from anywhere. And here you have it. Soul. Universally arousing beats. Made with soul like mum's cooking is made with love.

Last off is this track with Ozmosis, who you may remember from his John Lennon 'Imagine' remake a while back. This is on the mixtape Wizard of Oz available from http://www.myspace.com/ozjones. Again we got the strings. Maybe its cos I've just listened to another string heavy track, and Nino can only handle so many strings, or maybe its cos I have been obsessively listening to Tofelees instrumentals for months now, but this track doesn't quite do it for me. It's a mint track. The beats just seem a bit blander and although Ozmosis' lyrics speak deep, the general idea behind them seems a bit too generic and done before… by him.

Each one of these downloads boasts some of the hottest talents in the scene and your preferences will be your own. But if one of these tracks doesn't at least make you want to wait outside Miss T's house. Then there is something clinically wrong with you.

By Nino

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