Nee-Hi - The Delorean [Audio]

Really, really feeling this! Nee-Hi is from Ipswich and he's on a real good time rap tip. I won't hold the fact that he wears skinny jeans against him – he's a big kicks head too and his music is as fresh as his style sounds. Well, I say fresh, it's like a salute to all his old school influences – probably what makes this so nice!

I've not heard anyone from the UK doing anything quite like this so it's pretty sweet on the ears and with shout out quotes like, "…she fell over!" you'll be taken back to your school days on Back In Time which also features Robbo. Check out old school Hip Hop nods on The Fresh Prince…Of Buckingham Palace, Daytime T.V., Don't Sweat the Technique and Strong Rhyme.

Nee-Hi has made this available for free download so if you fancy a fun 24 minutes then get a-clicking on the link below.

Read more at: Certified Banger

Nee-Hi - The Delorean [Audio]

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