Natty Wylah - Cinders

Natty Wylah‘s new single ‘Cinders‘ echoes metropolitan life through a “forest that doesn’t sleep”. With Purple Cloud‘s orchestral production giving a night-sky crispness, moon-kissed lyrics flicker through scenes of sirens, cicadas and spirits in the day’s dying embers.

After welcoming you to “the spiral”, Wylah talks of “prophets mumbling dishonesty” – this fire-lit forest-world, spoken into existence throughout the song, is analogy for the smoke and mirror reality that’s offered to us today.

Wading through our modern day illusions, ‘Cinders’ speaks of insanity: the story of navigating pressures and those who oppose “nothing but this fire and smoke”.

Known for his deeply personal approach to rap which often tackles social issues, Natty’s work has caught the attention of Radio 1’s Toddla T, who included him in the latest release of the Freshman Cypher 2019, a selection of his artist tips for 2020.

Support has also come from Huw Stephens, Don Letts, Phil Taggart, Jess Iszatt, Rinse FM’s Jyoty and Soho Radio’s Kish Kash amongst others, while Natty’s live performances see him performing and recording with members of London five-piece Sunken, recently appearing at Camden Assembly’s Spotlight Series.

His artistry also extends to art and design, with Natty creating the artwork for each of his releases. Favouring a mixed media style that mirrors his rawness as an artist, Natty is immensely inspired by his mother who was an abstract painter.

With a full length mixtape coming shortly and an end of year surprise. Natty’s releases continue to provide a source of reflection and prove he’s an artist that is not afraid to push the boundaries.

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