Olzord - The Darker Days

After last October’s release Olzord is back with The Darker Days EP. He’s just released it to Bandcamp and explains that, “this time I take things down a very cynical route that is shrouded in darkness. Closer to typical ‘Hip Hop’ than my previous EP, but still very much in it’s own lane“.

Just like his previous offering, it’s entirely self produced, with no features, and is available to download for free from his Bandcamp. Covering topics like multi-personalities and mental exploration, poverty and desperation this is an insight into the individual.


Track List

  1. Not Real 03:46
  2. Don’t Be Dumb, Mate 02:34
  3. The Man At The Bar 04:08
  4. Off With The Fodder 01:56

Olzord - The Darker Days

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