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Gouki Productions - Exodus [Video]

Gouki Productions [Audio]

Gouki Productions are from Macclesfeild / Manchester and consists of Chris (MC), Rob (MC), Ben B (MC), Ants (Producer), Jut (Producer) and Matt R (Producer/MC). They have been progressing with their thing since 2002 and are now spreading their proverbial wings.

Area 51

Area 51 – Know Who You Wit

Area 51 Entertainment, Inc. are back with their re-mastered presentation "Know Who You Wit '2006". A high powered rolling beat produced by DJ KQuick propels this powerful expose of the Area 51 click as they ask do you know who you rollin wit?. The main performers are MCs Snake Hollywood, AbSOUL & Nyghtmare. The re-mastering work was done by Randy at Analog Acoustics, Inc. and he has the resulting sound sweetly polished.

Choong Family

Choong Family – Higher Elevation Album Sampler

Choong Family are blowing up the UK Hip Hop scene right now.  Memory Lane is on the Choice FM A list, BBC 1Xtra B list and The Higher Elevation album has received amazing feedback for radio stations (see Fact File attached)  The boys are receiving nuff love on the Music Channels too, four videos deep and in the process of making the fifth, Choong Family are ones to watch out for.

Cafe Recordings Logo

P.A.C (Powerful And Calm) – Blaah! mp3

Coming straight off P.A.C's new Matter Of Opinion EP, this track Blaah! is the second track to feature on the A-Side and goes hand in hand with the Cafe crew's long held reputation for astonishinly hyper live performances. The grubby bass line and infectious tempo make Blaah! a real stomper which heads should feel.

Peep it here: