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Enot - Get This Money [Audio]

Enot – Get This Money [Audio]

After a successful run with "Coming 2 America" on college radio and the video still making waves for Enot, he is striking while the iron is hot! This is his new single "Get This Money" which has been serviced it to commercial radio this past week and some stations have already added it their playlist and mixtape shows.

A-Tola - Goal / Sound Bwoy CD [Street Dreams Entertainment]

A-Tola – Sound Bwoy [Audio]

A-Tola is the latest South London cat who is set to do big things. He has his debut single out and we have linked with his label to offer it here... The track is a lurching Jamaican bubbler which details how A-Tola's musical leanings have been influenced by the music he grew up with.

Acafool - I Look Good Remix By DJ Rooftop

Acafool – I Look Good Remix By DJ Rooftop

A few weeks ago we put up a mixtape from the RMH DJ, DJ Rooftop. Following that Bucc got in touch with a new track for us to put up if you would be interested. We were and here is the track. A sourthern bumper, DJ Rooftop Presents The Official Scandinavian Remix of Tampa rapper Acafools new single - I Look Good - featuring Adam Tensta.

Braintax – D-90 Rules [Audio]

Braintax is making his way back to centre stage. In order to get things rolling along and to get his name back up ther he is giving away free the mp3 for the promotional D-90 Rules a track which looks back and reminisces on old times when G Vilas and Silver Shadows along with Nike Cagoules were sported and people used to go breaking down the back of the shopping centre.

Dino West

Dino West [Audio]

Bascially, this is to tell you about an up and coming raper called Dino West who is from South Central LA. He appears on the new Master P album 'Ghetto Bill Gates' on the track 'I'm A Gangsta' and is signed to No Limit Records. As ever when we get the chance will bring you access to these delights.

T.O.B.E. (True Original Black Experience)

T.O.B.E. – Tell Ya Why [Audio]

T.O.B.E a.k.a Ted Peterson comes from Minnesota, US. Given the chance, he is hoping to establish his urban artistry here in the UK. and is jumping off right now and is networking across the globe. Right here you can peep the smooth mellow tones of his demo single Tell Ya Why. This is a mellow, easy groove with a light sprinkling of keys over an 808 beat.


Campsoul MP3s [Audio]

We previously brought you the interview with Joe Louis, Russel Morgan, and Omar Hinds who together make up the Campsoul clique and the guys were so pleased with the response that they submitted a few tracks for you to download and enjoy...