Perfected - Fresh Change For The Next Decade [Audio]

New York is the recognised home of some truly magnificent artists… of the past. It's hard to name some recent hard hitters without grinding your teeth. Which is why we welcome a new generation of consciousness, diverse ability and pure original hip hop. Check out the man Perfected for yourself. With these exclusive free downloads you will only get on this here site.

Every track will give you a different side of the rapper who is so keen to prove his ultimate goal for perfection. From "Y'all Don't Pop" a hostile, dramatic and intense pace maker breaker of track. To "Ain't Nothin Change" an easy, yet effective listen with all the right old school chill influences and a little bit of that something extra Perfected flavour that you won't get enough of…

Hip hop does not distinguish between England and America. Black or white. All it does is separate the real from the rest. And here at, we're determined to bring you nothing but the real. And give you the opportunity to have a good old listen in your chosen time, place and method. Let the Perfection flow right in.

If you are feeling this check out the link below and also read Nino's review.


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