Pioneers Hip Hop Show 12/7/21 - Nottingham History

This month Whirlwind D traces the history of hip hop in Nottingham, UK. The show begins with the early B Boy scene and of course the iconic Rock City before moving into the early Notts rap records from the likes of MC Fizal Eff, DJ Quick, MSD, DJ Mink and KID to name a few.

During the show focus is placed on some of the key figures such as Joe Buhdah and Trevor Rose as well as more recent entries from the likes of The P Brothers, Cappo, Out Da Ville, ScorzayZee and more. Whilst the show doesn’t cover every Notts artist, it focuses on many of the key events, players and periods. In terms of the music, Whirlwind D covers the years 1988-2003. Big shout out to all the incredible artists from Notts who came after this period or who weren’t touched upon.

Specifik is back with another killer mix, this time showcasing a batch of incredible Notts talent from the late 90s and early 00s. In addition, we feature some brand new cuts including new music from Franky Roar, Alikazam, The Allergies, Mr Fantastic and of course Del Soulcondor‘s dope remix of Phill Most Chill‘s Superfunk. This month’s show is dedicated to the man like Del Soulcondor.

Written by: Whirlwind D
Mix by: Specifik
Kane FM 2021

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