Pioneers Hip Hop Show 24/1/22 - HQ Squad

This month’s Kane FM Pioneers Hip Hop Show focuses on the legendary HQ Squad, a UK collective that have had an incredible impact on hip hop, not just in the UK, but worldwide. Whether it’s the amazing skills of DJ Supreme that have influenced artists across the world or the impact Hijack had, even signing to Ice T‘s Rhyme Syndicate, or the innovation that Katch 22 brought to hip hop…

This show shines a light on this influential collective focusing on artists like Icepick, Gatecrash and Standing Ovation and telling the tales of the time, from many angles including Mark Anderson‘s legendary radio show. As well as this, as usual, Whirlwind D features some brilliant brand new music – this month from DJ Krashslaughta and Junior Disprol, Verb T and Illinformed and Lewis Parker.

Finally, big ups to DJ Marga for your help!

Track List:

1. The 3 Knights – Burial Proceedings In The Coarse Of Three Knights
2. Hijack – Style Wars
3. BROTHER – Beyond The 16th Parallel
4. Hijack – Hold No Hostage
5. Standing Ovation – Onslaught
6. Katch 22 – 2 1/2 Years
7. Hijack – The Shogun’s Assassin
8. BROTHER – Ghettogedden
9. Standing Ovation – Shadows Of Mayhem
10. Katch 22 – The Final Judgement
11. Son Of Noise feat. Shaka Shazam, Hunt Finn, Killaman Twice et al. – Keep It Goin’
12. Katch 22 – Sound Like The Rest
13. Bodysnatchers – MC Killer
14. Mr Pink & Mr Blonde – Death Before Dishonour
15. Icepick – Brixtonites
16. Icepick – Dead & Buried
17. Insane Macbeth feat. Hunt Finn – Loved By Few, Hated By Most, Feared By All
18. Insane Macbeth feat. Shaka Shazam – Obituary of A F***ry B***ard
19. DJ Supreme – RIP Remix
20. Krashslaughta & Junior Disprol – World Renowned
21. Verb T & Illinformed – Overnight
22. Lewis Parker – Theme For London Town

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