Pioneers Hip Hop Show 8/8/22 - No Sleep Nigel

This month’s Pioneers Hip Hop Show (Kane FM) sees Whirlwind D and Specifik focus on one of the unsung heroes of UK Hip Hop (and much more, but we focus on his work within hip hop), someone who has been synonymous with the culture since the late 80s right up until the present day… legendary engineer, mixer, producer, remixer, instrumentalist – No Sleep Nigel.

The show begins with his early dealings with the scene via Mr Dexter, Mell’O’ and labels like BPM as well as studios such as Cold Storage and Joe’s Garage, to the present day, when his name still carries serious weight in the Hip Hop genre and beyond.

We also feature new music from the likes of Specifik, Whirlwind D and Smoove and Beats In Progress.

Track list:
1. Hardnoise – Untitled (original white label mix)
2. Dashy D & Cue Tips – Control
3. D To The K – Hard But Live
4. Mc Mell O – Comin’ Correct
5. Korperayshun – Non-Stop
6. Blade – Lyrical Maniac
7. London Posse – Original London Style
8. Blade – Mind Of An Ordinary Citizen
9. Hardnoise – Mice In The Presence Of Lions
11. Blade – Rough It Up
10. Mc Mell O – Gone Crazy
12. First Down – Let The Battle Begin
13. Blade feat. Mell O – Dark And Sinister
14. Killa Instinct – Bullets And Babies
15. Kinetic Effect – Borderin’ Insanity
16. Gunshot – Colour Code (remix)
17. The Creators feat. MCM – Room For Improvement
18. Mr Pink & Mr Blonde – Death Before Dishonour
19. Mark B & Blade – Lead The Way
20. Mark B & Taskforce – Brothers McBane
21. Def Tex feat. Ty & Hunt Finn – Rock The Beat
22. Soundsci – Keep On
23. Whirlwind D – How I Get Ill
24. Oxygen – 1-4-9
25. Son Of Noise – Adrenaline
26. Whirlwind D feat. Smoove – Do It Now
27. Specifik feat. Chrome – Crumblin’ Bricks
28. Tuf Kut feat. Percee P – Beastin’

A Tru-Tone / Kane FM Production, 2022

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