Pioneers Hip Hop Show 9/8/21 - UK Hip Hop History 1980-86

This month Whirlwind D travels back to the inception of Hip Hop music in the UK. During the show he traces the history of the early spots like The Language Lab and Spatts as well as the records that were released in these formative years.

Whilst the show isn’t exhaustive (and we give thanks to ALL the artists that were instrumental in this first wave of UK Hip Hop), the show covers many of the key artists and events of the time. In addition the novelty records of the time and how that side of the music was distinguishable from those proponents of the culture is discussed.

The main focus of the show is of course the records / music and whilst there is talk about key events such as the London Rap Convention, there was so much more to the scene in terms of the other elements such as graff and B boying…

Track List:

1. Newtrament – London Bridge Is Falling Down (1983)
2. The Mexicano – Dallas (1980)
3. Dizzy Heights – Christmas Rappin’ (1981)
4. Junior Gee – Caveman Rock (1983)
5. Man Friday & Jive Junior – Picking Up Sounds (1983)
6. Ricky & The Mutations – Thatcher Rap (1983)
7. City Limits Crew & Mutant Rockers – Got To Keep On (1984)
8. Broken Glass – Style Of The Street (1984)
9. Rapologists – Hip Hop Beat (1984)
10. Junior Gee & The Capital Boys – Check Us Out (1984)
11. Automation & Family Quest – Outer Space Rap 84 (1984)
12. Masquerade – One Nation (Def Mix) (1985)
13. Hard Rock Soul Movement – Do It Any Way You Wanna (1985)
14. Spatts Live Session 1985 – Vinyl Documents (2015)
15. Grandmaster Richie Rich – Don’t Be Flash (1985)
16. Three Wize Men – Refresh Yourself (1986)
17. Faze One – Stronger Than Strong (1986)
18. Cosm feat. Jabbathakut – Mount Etna (2021)
19. Bronx Slang – Happens A Lot (2021)
20. Stetsasonic – (Now Ya’ll Giving Up) Love (2020)

Kane FM/Tru-Tone Productions 2021

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