Prefects - When the Penny Drops EP

Liverpudlian Prefects of the Chedeye Knights drops his When the Penny Drops EP. A solid six tracks featuring vocals from Benny Diction, Mudmoon and Assa amongst others and production from Krang and Mighty Mindless Cartoons.

You need to cop this and indulge in the classic production and expressive lyrics. This is real, down to earth and relatable.

Mixed by: Prefects
Mastered by: Alex Cottrell


Track List:

  1. Penny Drops (Feat. Benny Diction, Mudmoon & Assa) (Prod by. Krang) 04:57
  2. Apply Yourself (Prod. by Krang) 03:52
  3. Live (Feat. Mudmoon & Natty Head) (Prod by. Krang) 03:54
  4. Think (Feat. Black Dot) (Prod by. Krang) 02:54
  5. Passion (Prod by. Mighty Mindless Cartoons) 02:36
  6. As It Comes (Prod by. Mudmoon) 03:04

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