Ramson Badbonez - Give BadBonez A Break 2

Just how prolific can one act be? I’m not sure, but Ramson Badbonez is certainly looking to find out. On the back of a series of heavy releases over the past year Ramson is back with part 2 of his Give Badbonez A Break. The original was released back in 2010. Ramson BadBonez gets busy with most of the vocals with all cuts by DJ Jazz T.

Badbonez has called on some of the UKs finest MCs to contribute verses including: Jinxsta JX, Diligent Fingers, MysDiggi aka Mystro, M.A.B, Revilo and Twizzy. Who could ask for more?

Ramson Badbonez - Give BadBonez A Break 2

Track List:

  1. The Bad Guy 00:54
  2. Three Steps 02:07
  3. What Soap Is Yours ft. Jinxsta JX 02:36
  4. Tear Gas Activism ft. Diligent Fingers 02:29
  5. Bank Notes (GroundHog Day) 02:47
  6. Drunken Monkeys 02:23
  7. Bun The Bible 01:18
  8. Mix & Blend/Satan’s Favourite 02:22
  9. Blow Me ft. Mys Diggi Aka Mystro 01:41
  10. Tongue Tied ft. M.A.B 03:22
  11. Jamaican Rum ft. Revilo 03:07
  12. Dingo’s Den 02:21
  13. Bad & Ugly (Never Good Though) ft. Twizzy 02:56
  14. You’re Mentally Ill 01:05
  15. Suck Sushi 01:54
  16. Up N’Out 01:25

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