Real Nostalgic - Easy Pickings (Jump Up Remix)

This is actually a remix of one of Real Nostalgic‘s tracks ‘Easy Pickings‘ which originally was produced by TheeSway. But after Real Nostalgic reached out to his cousin, he suggested Real Nostalgic tried some DnB instrumentals.

Real Nostalgic states, “I then came across this which was already sold so I thought considering its been three months since I released, I’d rap the same lyrics but over this beat as give the song a whole different vibe“.

The original track which Real Nostalgic recorded to will be released on his upcoming six track E.P ‘Melodramtic‘ which will be solely produced by TheeSway, who Real Nostalgic says is, “one of most underrated producers I’ve came across on YouTube recently, dope producer and genuine guy“.

Real Nostalgic

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