Red Master - Don't Anger Him

Red Master was most active in the scene from 2000 to 2006 and is best known for featuring on heavyweight UK Hip Hop releases from DisordaTom Caruana and more recently Wordsmiff FLIP as well as being the founding member of the Same Brain Entertainment crew alongside V.E.X, Crucifix and Slinga. This flurry of activity culminated in the 2006 release of his debut album – I’m Right, You’re Wrong which was entirely produced by the now legendary Beat Butcha way before he rose to fame across the Atlantic.

In addition to this came the release of his self-produced mixtape ‘Same Brain Entertainment – The Mixtape Volume 1‘ (which is now available as “Same Brain – The Old Testament“).

Even though it’s been fifteen years since he first stepped into the scene, Red Master is still held in high regard for his unrivalled flow patterns, inordinate bravado and superior levels of lyricism, eclipsing the majority of his peers at every turn.

After announcing his unexpected return to the game Red Master is set to release a trilogy of singles in preparation for his second album Unsung King with the first being Don’t Anger Him which an ominous, self-produced orchestra of destruction that sees the veteran emcee announce his return to the game in immaculate form by kicking down the doors of the over-saturated industry with the aim of snatching the crown for himself and leaving emcee’s lifeless in the process.

“Unsung King” will be released August 13th and promises to be one of the most relentlessly hardcore, lyrical Hip Hop albums ever to come out of the UK, this is one you do not want to miss.

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