Ryme - Demo Tracks [Audio]

Lee Carabine aka Ryme is 19 years old and comes from a little town in the North East called Redcar. He states that he didn’t achieve much when he was in school and was always getting into fights and trouble. He was in a gang called the KCC were he started getting into deeper trouble, but whilst partying he discovered Hip-Hop and developed a true passion for the music and started to write lyrics based on his life experiences.

In Ryme’s lyrics there is deep meaning and passion. One of his songs is called the Line Of Duty it’s all about the way the government doesn’t give a damn about any of our soldiers. Ryme has a brother who has served in Afghanistan and Bosnia getting shot at every day and he just knew deep inside that any day could have been his last.

Not all of Ryme’s songs are all about his life but he does say what he feels. Another one of the songs is called All Alone which is inspired by his mother who despite being on benefits has always tried to give him everything he needed and wanted even if it meant getting into more debt.

The third song came about as Ryme believes that there is two sides to every person weather its good or evil, right or wrong and that’s why he called the song Evil Demands.

This article only provides you with a brief understanding of Ryme and why he writes the things that he does, so download the tracks and see what you make of an artist just developing their style.

To find out more contact: ryme-m8@hotmail.com


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