Spitz ft. Blastkhorps Beatbox - Free Palestine [Audio]

"Israel is an illegal entity". The words of a passionate peaceful protestor introducing one of my favourite pro Palestine tracks released so far. This track is complete with the free free Palestine chants which were chanted at the hundreds, perhaps thousands of recent demonstrations throughout the world.

And, of course, the staged occupations demanding actions from over 10% of the universities throughout the country. With a memorable procession leaving to the words, free free Palestine, from the Birmingham occupation. Sadly, Birmingham were not successful in the way of the Bradford University occupation, where our vice chancellor really pulled through as the most humane in the country.

What makes this track such a good listen isn't just the well placed vocal samples, the off beat bass drums and rap flow. It's Spitz himself. He's one of us. Immediately. He's the guy who says 'hang on a minute Mr Prime Minister', the guy who keeps the protest peaceful, the guy who silences everyone with his astute lingual ability and intellectual understanding.

This quote is rather over the average length one usually gives, but given the fantastic points made, I couldn't help giving you all some insight courtesy of Spitz… "legally elected being bullied by an illegal state and united Snakes veto resolutions don't get conned by the fusion their in violation with the agreements of 67 yet you went to war with Iraq for Ghost weapons their in direct breach of the Geneva convention. Don't get conned by the tension".

Final line? Aside from Free Free Palestine… Show love, support and solidarity to those who deserve it…

And final line of the track? "Gaza Gaza, don't you cry. Palestine will never die".

By: Nino


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