Sterotype - Gangster Chronicles (Remix) [Audio]

Sterotype is back with a great sounding re-fix of the classic London Posse Gangster Chronicles. The original is undoubtedly a virtually untouchable masterpiece, but people have been and re-touched this with the aim of udating and improving it. Not always successful this a very had task to set ones-self.

Sterotype has done a pretty good job. The music is crisp and clear, with a subdued organ and slow horns. But there is a skippy element provided by the keys withs fits Bionic‘s flow. The timing works great with the accapella, but for me it doesn’t quite work as the lyrics are so entrined with the original production. Rodney‘s verse doesn’t date and still sounds better than a lot of current offerings.

The chorus adds a sung RnB element which chimes with the backing vocals of the verses. Take this beat and connect it with a new MC and a few dope verses and you’d have a winner.

Regardless, give this a whirl – it’s dope.

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