Tapestry - I Don't Want + Dog Food [Audio]

Tapestry. Needlepoint. Embroidery. All straight out of the soul of Bradford, where, surprisingly for those who only know what the media tell them, isn't actually a giant sewer overflowing with riots and racism. Bradford is the top place in England to start a business.

It also happens to be home to the most incredible youth activists I know. And Tapestry is one of them. A solidly defined hip hop head with nothing but respect, understanding and utter submission to this power we call music.

These tracks are not just some of the top work to come from any West Yorkshire artist, they happen to be both conscious and catchy in a way even top London artists are unable to weave successfully. "I Don't Want" hails production from the sickest female producer – Miss Tofelees. A continual hi hat flow which reflects Tapestry's own consistency is knitted amongst minimal bass and perfectly placed background vocals. Lyrically, this track is one adolescent's honest wishes for a more positive lifestyle, they may be Tapestry's personal thoughts, but pretty much all our conscious youth anywhere in the country, and further, will identify well with them.

He's hitting us with a mixture of mediocre, and slightly tedious lines that are completely forgiven with the kind of lyrics that separate Chuck D from Lil Wayne. "We smother ourselves with the colour we fear… thinking you're on point cos you brought the knife". Tapestry is proving that he not some juvenile inexperienced lightweight like your typical Channel U youngers. He's educated, appreciative and willing to learn and develop; lacing all his experiences and ideas into an ever growing, individual masterpiece.

"Dog Food" produced by JasOn Beats (aka JND of Freyed Knot) is unquestionably one my top tracks of the moment. It will take milliseconds to make you understand why. The music is swimming, rising and falling through Tapestry's waves of words. "Still with every syllable hitting pinnacles as an individual”. It will have a similar effect on you as the real dog food. You want to try some for real, just to see what it's like, but he's a kid, from Bradford, surely you should stick to Soulja? No way. In this case. Leave your dog to eat in piece and get yourself downloading, get on the myspace, get down to the gigs, prove you're a real hip hop head by embracing Tapestry's authentic skills.

If you are feeling this check out the link below.


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