The Nextmen ft. Kiko Bun - Big Time

The celebrated joiners of dots between Hip Hop, soul and dub (see their classic ‘Blunted in the Backroom‘ mix and the likes of ‘Blood Fire‘ and ‘The Lion’s Den‘ pushing and shoving their way to the front), The Nextmen return with a killer status update set to dominate summer dances.

Back in the company of North London’s sound system governor Kiko Bun (The Nextmen’s Gentleman’s Dub Club collaboration ‘Pound for Pound‘), ‘Big Time‘ gets to steppin’ with a swaying, Pepe Deluxe-ish organ groove streaked with a folky, 60s touch of psychedelia.

Kiko Bun’s twang, apologetic as a well-to-do rascal with a twinkle in his eye, generates a comforting hum in sync with The Nextmen comfortably getting their groove on.

The Nextmen

Kiko Bun

The Nextmen ft. Kiko Bun - Big Time

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