Tom Caruana - Shaw Enuff

Some sooth ambient ethereal production from Tom Caruana for this different piece. This, no doubt displays Tom’s versatility and depth of knowledge across many instruments and composition. Dope.

The eight track Shaw Enuff EP, out now.

Tom Caruana


Tea Sea Records

Track List:

  1. Starting Point 03:37
  2. End Of The Story (Part 1) feat. Maddy 03:22
  3. Pale Moon 00:55
  4. Curds & Whey 01:17
  5. Hunters & Collectors feat. Willie Evans Jr. 01:57
  6. Don’t Take Me For A Fool feat. Maddy 02:45
  7. Out West Dust 02:02
  8. Meeting Point 02:00

Tom Caruana ft. Maddy – End Of The Story Pt. 1

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