Vsteeze and Funky DL - The Honey Pack

After wowing audiences with their debut EP “The Lilac Pack“, Vsteeze and Funky DL return with their incredibly polished follow-up set, “The Honey Pack“. This quartet of tracks change direction from the previous pack, capturing the sun beaming feeling of summer with DL’s beats and steeze’s rhymes.

Repeating a similar creative process, Atlanta based MC Vsteeze and London based producer Funky DL traded files and creativity once more to compile this set of four-tracks for their sophomore EP. The two participated in Zoom meetings to discuss the creative direction and with a tentative release date of summer 2021, the mutual decision was to unleash a selection of tracks based on the good feeling of summer vibes.

The lead single “Groove” is a Latin guitar bop with unpredictable bass tones oozing in and out throughout, whilst steeze and featured collaborator PF Elle dabble in a lyrical chemistry, jocosely bouncing over the beat.

The second single “Mélange” takes the EP up-tempo with the retro 80’s funk feel of Cameo, but with a contemporary twist, whilst steeze melodically integrates her vocals and spits 16-bars of her bouncy flow and hot lyricism. Meanwhile, Funky DL showcases his immense diversity as a producer in formulating the dance-floor driven backing track.

“The Honey Pack EP” is a sweet, liquid and smooth piece of audio, combining the talents of these two artists, producing a level of creative finesse that is so much missed in Hip-Hop today.

Track List:

  1. Jam 02:43
  2. Mélange 02:54
  3. Groove (ft. PF Elle) 02:57
  4. Daydream 02:54
  5. Jam (Clean Version) 02:43
  6. Mélange (Clean Version) 02:54
  7. Groove (ft. PF Elle) – (Clean Version) 02:57
Vsteeze and Funky DL - The Honey Pack

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