Wild Samson - Wilderness Extraordinaires

Wild Samson drops his ninth release on Nyark with a superb seven track project that bangs from start to finish. Exploring different tempos, moods and vibrations ‘Wilderness Extraordinaires‘ is an excellently crafted musical journey that includes some ground-breaking production, killer collaborations and smooth solid solo songs.

Wild Samson’s journey began with Nyark back in March 2022 when he dropped his debut release ‘The Mighty‘. Samson has worked hard, an ever-developing artist who works hard on constantly progressing his style. Never scared to experiment, never scared to sometimes be blunt about certain topics, Wild Samson is a lyrical super hero whose work ethic has made him one of the most exciting things happening in underground rap music. There’s nobody that quite does it like Wild Samson.

‘Wilderness Extraordinaires’ kicks off with a musically laid-back Josh Esh production entitled ‘Kelly Holmes‘ which features label mate Hazz. Accompanied by a music video, this track is already making waves with tastemakers.

The EP continues with the first of two beats from Midas Cash, ‘Scoliosis‘ hits hard with Wild Samson waxing lyrical throughout. The second collaboration track on this project is jazzy up-tempo jam ‘Parallels‘ produced by Carlo Tha Don. This track hits hard with killer flows and punchlines from Samson and guests Conman from Wolftown Committee and UK rap legend Trademark Blud.

Next up is the second beat from Midas Cash which sees London artists Sonny Blak and D7 from (Soloman and D7) step up from some positive vibes. The title track comes next with London Nyark label mate Airklipz dropping heavy alongside Wild Samson on a killer Frank Vaper produced beat.

Both Nyark label mates Hazz and Airklipz join Wild Samson on the excellent Thugs Bunny produced ‘Persian Rugs‘.

The project is rounded off with a killer solo track called ‘Warrior Code‘ which sees Thugs Bunny give another slice of musical genius for Wild Samson to flow on. Another solid release from Wild Samson, and we cannot wait for you to see what he does for his tenth release! 

Mixed by: Tricksta at The Nyark HQ
Mastered by: Mindor

Wild Samson


Track List

1. Kelly Holmes Feat. Hazz (Prod. by Josh Esh)
2. Scoliosis (Prod. by Midas Cash)
3. Parallels Feat. Conman, Trademark Blud (Prod. by Carlo The Don)
4. Dangerous Intuition Feat. Sonny Blak, D7 (Prod. by Midas Cash)
5. Wilderness Extraordinaires Feat. Airklipz (Prod. by Frank Vaper)
6. Persian Rugs Feat. Hazz, Airklipz (Prod. by Thugs Bunny)
7. Warrior Code (Prod. by Thugs Bunny)

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