Wish Master and Billy Whizz - Wish and Whizz Ltd

Recently discovered in a DVD bargain bin, it turns out Wish Master and Billy Whizz starred in their own Sci Fi Tech Noir movie in the mid 80s. The soundtrack created from stolen synthesizers and drum machines from John Carpenters next door neighbour and the narrative provided by Wish Master’s lyrics creates the perfect soundtrack all produced by Billy Whizz.

Top grade features from Datkid, Upfront MC, Press1 and Danja all add merit to the tense atmosphere Wish and Whizz have to face.

Official Recordings has now officially released its soundtrack in its full 8 track glory restored on streaming services and CD. Available on Bandcamp below.

Wish Master

Billy Whizz

Track List:

  1. Thoughts Of Thoughts 02:52
  2. Heart Of A Lion 02:05
  3. Workaholik ft. Upfront MC 03:13
  4. Wish Master Can 03:03
  5. Get Connected ft. Datkid 02:59
  6. Rock N Rap 02:54
  7. No Manners 02:54
  8. Flows On Flow ft. Press 1 and Danja 02:41
  9. Wish And Whizz Ltd 02:05
  10. King In Me 03:32
  11. Poison 04:42

Wish Master and Billy Whizz - Wish and Whizz Ltd

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