Youthstar and Miscellaneous - Classic

Youthstar and Miscellaneous drop their latest release Classic via Chinese Man Records, which is taken from their Out Past Cerfew album dropping October. This one is quite a collaboration as well.

Classic is a true tribute to the 90’s boom bap and to all the great MCs who made Hip-Hop. Youthstar and Miscellaneous, surrounded by Cheeko (French rapper from the band Phases Cachées), Skillz and Vex, 2 hyped DJs and scratchers, on a super efficient and sampled production by the beatmaker Degiheugi.

One by one, the three MCs express all their consideration for their elders, from Rakim to Jay-Z, from The Roots to the Wu Tang, and even from Doc Gyneco to Mc Solar… they admit frankly that they wouldn’t be here today without them ! 

If it weren’t for all of y’all there wouldn’t be none of us… The magic 90’s brought us all to this rap sh*t!

There’s nothing to dislike about this song really, it’s charming, fun, it’s boom bap, it’s a homage to Hip Hop remembering all the legends- and it really is Classic!

Prod by: Degiheugi
Mixed and mastered by: Senbei
Released and produced by: Chinese Man Records



Chinese Man Records

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