/ Straight Out Leodis Podcast 1 - February 2007

So, the Straight Out Leodis podcast is finally ready to go. Almost 50 minutes of free downloadable joy and happiness for all you heads out there. This month’s show sets a format which I intend to follow in future – the first half is me dropping and mixing some tunes and chatting a bit, the second half is a guest mix, this time round by DJ Prolific of Urban Mondays and Fresh Jive.

Because Prolific is dropping a 100% Leeds hip-hop mix this time round (with the exception of the Phi-Life track…) I’ve let my half of the show move around a bit with hip-hop acts from around the UK and some US beats, plus one track which isn’t even hip-hop. However, I’ll definitely be looking to keep pushing the Leeds hip-hop thing in future…

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Part 1 – DJ Analogue

1) DJ Analogue – SOL Intro.
2) Cyclonious – This Ain’t Life
Rising talent from the East London side of things, Cyclonious has links with Leeds’ Urban Mondays night. Interview up with him now at plus he’s online at and
3) Marxmen (AKA MOP) – Nine & Two Clips (Instrumental)
A flip of the classic Geto Boyz track "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me" by US crew MOP, best known for "Cold As Ice" and "Ante Up".
4) Kid Kanevil Ft Yarah Bravo – "FIRE"
Leeds’ Kid Kanevil‘s been fairly busy recently… touring with his band Stateless alongside DJ Shadow, cutting it up at New Bohemia and somehow managing to find time to record his solo debut album. This is the lead track from one of the 12"s released on First Word Records.
5) Sarantis – Title Unknown
Hailing from Greece and now living in Leeds, Sarantis mostly produces grime and dubstep – having released white labels with Taurus and Warrior Queen he’s now apparently got a label deal sorted. However, he dropped me this hip-hoppy beat on CD a while back so I thought I’d give it an airing.
6) Dubbledge – "Smile"
OK straight up, I jacked this directly off Dubbledge’s MySpace page. Free download… get on it.
7) Paddy Ranting & DJ Analogue – "Old-School Interlude (Public Enemy Number 6)"
My mate Paddy MCs for a band called Ghetto Blasta and shares my obsessive love for hip-hop in all its forms, but particularly the bad-ass late eighties stuff. This is him dropping one of his standard verses over P.E’s "Public Enemy Number One" instrumental.
8) Pneumatic & Sloth – "Earl Ain’t Real"
The class war in comedy-rap format, courtesy of Pneumatic & Sloth. Their debut album "Audibly Nice" drops March 2007.
9) Barley Smythe & DJ Analogue – "Green Payday"
Randomness galore… Barry from Ghetto Blasta going for it over "Green Onions" by Booker T.
10) DJ Analogue – Rodney P Blend
The accapella of Rodney P’s verse from "Twlight Of The Gods" over the beat to "How They Do" by NYC’s Jo-Ell Quickman.
11) Yorkshire Terrierz – "Young Free & Single"
This is from the Leeds crew’s first album, "Blended In West Yorkshire". Their second LP is dropping soon and you can see the video for the lead single, "What’s Your Life Like" at

Part 2 – DJ Prolific on the mix
1) DJ Prolific – "Introduction"
2) J-Bravo, D-Bizzy, Kockee K – "L.E.E.D.S."
373 – "In The Club"
Kockee K – "Working"
Team Depps Productions (T.D.P.) – "Bio"
Haiku exclusive
Stay Focus ft L.P. – mixtape joint
8) Leeds Rollcall
9) Bonus track – Phi Life Cypher

Finally, just a quick list of forthcoming Leeds projects to look out for:

  • The Kid Kanevil LP – dropping any day now.
  • The Sinista Six LP
  • Norty – "First Words"
  • J-Bravo – "Fragment" LP
  • DJ Prolific – "Sound Element"
Plus albums coming soon from T.D.P., Dreadman, Double D Dagger and the second LP releases from Stay Focus and Yorkshire Terrierz.

More details on a lot of these artists available from K-Media.

Oh and shouts out to the boys at Leeds Hip-Hop Scene – and

Catch you later in the year for the next instalment.


If you’re a record label or artist and interested in contributing to a future episode, or want to do a whole podcast special, please drop us an e-mail. / Straight Out Leodis Podcast 1 - February 2007

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