Abby Power - No Gimmicks Cypher

The No Gimmicks Cypher is something Abby Power wanted to put together to thank people for their support for the Lofi Hip Hop EP she dropped in February entitled Class of ’94.

When asked about how the track came about Abby explained, “With the opening track being No Gimmicks, I thought what better way to close off the Class of ’94 era, and to create a true tribute to what inspired me to make the project in the first place, real lyricism over an old school Hip Hop rhythm!”

Asking about the collaborations on the track she elaborated, “I got three absolutely amazing rappers to join me, each bringing something different to the table. L Martin with his smooth vocals and clever lyricism, Manchester’s very own Britizen Kane with his hard hitting flow and powerful bars and of course, Tony D the UK battle rap legend coming in to wrap it all up in a perfect bow doing what he does best, rapping straight facts and keeping it captivating with each bar.” She finished off by saying, “This cypher isn’t about fancy hooks, just back to back lyricism for those that still appreciate that!”

You don’t really hear cyphers anymore which is a real shame, so I’m hoping to encourage people to start bringing them back! 

Abby Power

Abby Power:


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