Abby Power - Thoughts of an Artist

Thoughts Of An Artist is track three from the Class of ’94 EP released on the 15th February 2021 by North West London artist Abby Power. It’s produced by Frances, The Mute and was featured on BBC Radio London, as well as multiple others radio shows.

The video was recorded and edited by hennessey_TK of Frances, The Mute as well as Arjun M Shah, and animated by Abimanyu Fajrul.

The song is about being an artist trying to navigate through normal life whilst trying to support your art/music. We speak about not being able to afford a decent video… which was the case until we decided to create a video ourselves with nothing but our own personal camera’s, a couple of 50mm lenses, and a £30 projector I got as a deal on Wowcher! Of course with the addition of some amazing animation work from Abimanyu, we managed to make something we think came out extremely dope, out of not much at all!

Thoughts of an Artist is available on all digital streaming platforms now – link to the full ep:–4nWDRr09UQ&nd=1

Abby Power:


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