Apocraphe ft. Misiek (Les Autres) - No Way Out

A slice of emotional Hip Hop, mixing UK Hip Hop and rap Francais from two bilingual emcees representing the two different countries. Apocraphe drops some tongue twisting flows and Misiek also drops pleasing verses on No Way Out, mostly in French, but interspersing a few phrases in English.

Over the melancholic strings and driving drums of the instrumental by DeZordre (CMF Records) the two rappers engage in a bilingual back and forth discussion of the traps we create for ourselves, patterns of behaviour that we think will distract us from our pain but instead form our own self-created prisons. Despite the weighty subject matter, there remains an air of poignant beauty and the possibility of liberation in the song, particularly the triple layered chorus of singing and rapping.  The single is finished off with an incredible video filmed and edited by Zomboi.

Third single from the forthcoming album ‘The Escapist Handbook‘, featuring up-and-coming Toulousain rapper Misiek of Les Autres (CMF Records).

Subtitles available/sous-titres disponible.

Beat by: DeZordre (CMF Records)
Recorded and mixed at: Studio Cerisier, Toulouse by Sebastien Haby.
Mastered by: Tyrone Harris at Super Sonics HQ.

Video filmed and edited by: Zomboi at the incredible O’Bohem Bar Culturel in Toulouse.

Order the LP here: https://www.diggersfactory.com/fr/vinyl/241345/apocraphe-the-escapist-handbook

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