Avenhue x /weirdtoday ft. Latekid - Nostalgia Balloon

Avenhue, originally from Norwich and now based in SE London has been working within Hip Hop for years achieving national radio plays with previous songs Woodwork and others. /weirdtoday having already established himself as a stalwart of Poetry and scriptwriting makes his first dive into production with this song and the further project to come with Avenhue. Latekid provides the feature on this song, an established sound artist and performer as well as co-founder of the collective these three artists are most comfortable when collaborating and using their talents together as one.

The first in a series of songs to be released by Avenhue and /weirdtoday Nostalgia Balloon is a tug from a hook sunk deep into the heart. It’s not easy to let go of certain feelings for certain people, and it’s impossible to stop their memory from trespassing in your mind and this song explores those feelings.

Producer /weirdtoday using soft boom bap and tranquil waves of the synths act as a conduit for the vocals from the other two artists.

Having played shows at The Roundhouse, Jazz Cafe and Battersea Arts Centre the members of this multi disciplinary collective / artistic house are building a cult following around them and are pushing the boundaries of what music, art and visuals can be.

With a video soon to be released the full scope of these artists vision is yet to be realised but the first steps have already begun.

The new song from fwrdmtn members Avenhue, /weirdtoday & Latekid is out now!

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