Baggabones - Black Balloons

Baggabones, the West Midlands based MC from the Guilty Orphans crew drops his latest – Black Balloons. More dark horrorcore from this disturbed mind.

Brace yourself for a hard-hitting sonic journey that’s anchored by an earth-shattering bassline, guaranteed to leave you breathless. ‘Black Balloons’ is a relentless fusion of raw lyricism and deep, pounding beats, embodying the very essence of underground hip-hop.

Baggabones’ incisive and thought-provoking verses paint a vivid picture of urban life, touching on themes that resonate with the streets. Dirty Pockets, the genius behind the production, doesn’t hold back on this one. The hard-hitting drums and the rumbling bass create an immersive sonic landscape that grabs your attention from the very first note.

Beat produced by: Dirty Pockets under the guise of Brokenmovementbeats

Guilty Orphans

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