Baileywillsxo - No More

Continuing to fly the flag for Bristol’s infamous and ever burgeoning hip hop scene, Baileywillsxo delivers his brand-new video. No More is lifted from the Southwest MC’s latest mixtape, Dead Boy Gang Vol. 1, and paints an introspective and unflinching picture.

The track touches on themes of failed relationships, excess and depression, while offering semblances of hope as Baileywillsxo attempts to distance himself from the negativity by declaring No More.

The track is produced by Imotape Productions, who manages to conjure up a beat that is at once both mournful and uplifting, matching the tone of the track perfectly.

Combined with the visual brainchild of Rob Mills, who brings elements of menace and sorrow to the video, with a splash of digital FX, No More promises to be another jewel in Baileywillsxo’s crown.



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