Big Toast x Sofa King ft. The Strange Neighbour and Breezy Lee - Rose West: Cromwell St.

Revorg Records will be marking Valentine’s day this year with an unforgettable new single entitled Rose West: Cromwell St. The track is accompanied by a set of visuals that’s more a four-minute movie than music video.

The controversial and provocative track is essentially a love song, albeit one which chronicles the everyday ups and downs of the UK’s most notorious serial murderers.

Production is handled by Sofa King, who reunites with Big Toast following 2016’s Save Yourself, Kill Them All.

Fellow Tuff Boy, The Strange Neighbour, features as the rappers immerse themselves in the character of Gloucester’s most prolific landscaper.

Breezy Lee‘s exquisite tones add a texture to a chorus that’s both catchy and unsettling. The result is a track that appears “nice” on the surface but grows more disturbing with each listen.

The track is complemented perfectly by an ambitious and slick visual produced by Jordan Grant, who has more than matched the creative vision in the music.

Featuring a number of excellent performances from a cast of primarily first-time actors, it emphasises the song’s theme of surface niceness, juxtaposed by a perverted, violent underbelly.

Conceptually, it can either be seen as gratuitous obscenity or as an attempt to critique Middle England’s amiable bloodlust. Either way, it is a portrayal of a uniquely English brand of evil, most remarkable in how unremarkable it is. It is a ballsy, ridiculous piece of music which showcases the bone-dry humour and musical prowess from the artists involved.

Big Toast
Sofa King:
Strange Neighbour
Breezy Lee:

Revorg Records

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