Braydz ft. Kyza Smirnoff - Scorpion Sting [Video]

Braydz is an MC, lyricist and producer (aka Iron Chrome). Reppin Harlesden, North Weezie,LDN, Braydz learnt to produce on an MPC by the legendary RZA. He’s already collaborated and performed with many of his influences including M1 of Dead Prez, Public Enemy, Saigon, Immortal Technique, DJ Premier, Sean Price and the RZA.

Never afraid to deal with politically controversial content in an intelligent and thought provoking way, the UK underground know all about Braydz and Scorpion Sting is a war cry for all those lovers of great hip hop music to stand up and be counted. This is certainly a relentless banger which has a hypnotic production from Iron Braydz himself. Check it below:

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