Bronze Nazareth and Leaf Dog - Get It Myself

Leaf Dog continues to make a bigger name for himself as a producer and entrench himself beyond High Focus. This is a classic slab of hard hitting Hip Hop production. Bronze Nazareth reinforces his standing too.

The video sees Bronze in a post-apocalyptic scene, in the countryside brandishing a baseball bat. He is also pictured rapping into a huge walkie-talkie.

Track is produced by Leaf Dog and taken from the upcoming album ‘Bundle Raps‘ by Bronze Nazareth and Leaf Dog dropping 29th January 2021 on Glastonbury based Real Life Drama Records.

‘Bundle Raps’ is a 15 Track album featuring BVA​, Illah Dayz​, June Megalodon, Kevlaar 7​, Lord Jessiah​ and Recognize Ali​

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