Cactus Corino ft. KAO - Ridiculous

22-year-old Ladbroke Grove native Cactus Corino brings an eclectic blend of both old and new Hip Hop styles and influences in his attempt to revitalise the stagnating scene.

Ridiculous’ in the simplest of terms represents the ultimate anti-love song. The single was penned during a turbulent breakup with a less than stable ex and is an amalgamation of some of the wildest experiences which we may have to go through when dealing with a break-up with the opposite sex.

Typical to form, the beat and overall vibe of the song have some degree of cognitive dissonance when compared to the actual lyrical content that bubbles with dark humour and satire in a massive contrast to the thundering yet playful, trumpet led beat. Ridiculous is produced by Houston-based, underground beat-maker Marow (production credentials include, Black SVM, Feux) and features an absolutely addictive, catchy hook by Cactus Corino partner in rhyme, Kao (releases include Wolf, The Nice Guy).

Ridiculous is the first single taken from the forthcoming Escapism EP which also marks Cactus debut release. The EP will have similar themes running throughout and sets out to explore why we all want to escape our reality for something more fun, more exotic and ultimately more exciting. Whether the underlying message is absorbed is entirely optional as each track is accompanied by thunderous production that will capture the attention of even the most casual of listeners.

Mastered by: Jackson Conroy

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