Caskie X Bad Batch ft. Captain Bukioe X Sylva Grey X DJ Rasp - Zoinks!

Zoinks! is the first single release from Caskie and Bad Batch upcoming EP “Everybody’s On One” due out February 2024, all tracks on this project were produced and mastered by Bad Batch.

Zoinks! Is aggressive, playful and energetic living up to its title via the 60’s “Scooby Doo” sounds that Bad Batch integrated into the track.

DMC Champion DJ Rasp cuts and scratches some of those sounds bringing slick, quick scratch patterns into play, it’s safe to say DJ Rasp has some of the fastest hands in the business having had the attention of all time legend DJ Premier which speaks for itself.

Captain Bukioe (Rum Committee) brings that gritty lyricism and lairy delivery that say’s “two fingers up” and “0 f*%!s given” his tonality and character cut through, while his metaphors and references are totally out of the box.

Sylva Grey (Dusty Stragglers) brings a unique mix as he combines the subject matter of Hip Hop with flow patterns that most would associate with Grime, in doing so he has created a hybrid style that is immediately recognisable.

Caskie aka Caveman (Dusty Stragglers) brings a mix of metaphors and continuous flow patterns. He describes the journey of most rappers as a failed space expedition, experiencing the highs of being excited, overly confident and fascinated by your own creation, and the lows of realising its not as special as may have first thought.

He also hints at the perceptions of fan bases connected to mainstream artists and why they buy into those artists to begin with.

Video shot and edited by: Deaf Nick Visuals
The “Zombie Response Vehicle” was provided by Clint Filler of the “Rat Barstad Crew“.


Captain Bukioe

DJ Rasp

Bad Batch

Sylva Grey

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