Chester P - A Dragon Never Hides Its Wings

Chester P is back with an obese piece of lyricism and insight on A Dragon Never Hides Its Wings. Over a piano laced banger of a backing. This is on some next level as he usually is and at the end of the video he talks directly to the viewers and covers some concerning personal issues.

I’m unsure about releasing music in the current climate of industry. I’m an individual and my opinions reflect that openly, I do not and will not follow popular opinions or be among any collective which seeks power over individuality. I love all life quite literally since it is all a unique expression of nature. That said I am aware that love is a very bright light and casts a long and deep shadow, in that shadow is where I myself found my gold. I’m learning to carry my gold. Thanks to all those subscribing I hope you can enjoy some honest reflections of self. No glitz. No drama.

Chester P


Im an orphan absorbed by this death defiance
where the daily breath of life is my next alliance
on the prairie of forever with a new horizon
euthanising all emotions still attached to dying disentangling the circuitry of rapture crying out from the tracks of triumph crippled limits in the traps of Zion
holy spirits trying to clap for science metaphysically endorsed by the next appliance
extra piously enticed man I’m back to basics
chasing ghosts in a tunnel full of actors faces
senselessly advancing on the statures paces manufactured by the fractured places where tomorrow never happens till the moment turns its back and chases
after mysteries hidden in the sacred mazes hatred raises up its arms for the killers theme
lifting bloody heads from beneath a rusty guillotine
this is life as we know it in the modern ages the cores rotten whispers of forgotten sages
down trodden by the system of inoculation no resistance from the mystics of approximation hypnotised by the clocks sedations
I stand timeless in the shadow of the rulers of a toxic nation
what a Price we have to pay for the life of kings
I rise above it cos a dragon never hides its wings
I’m Letting of fire in the mazes
Stuck on yesterday until I’m facing its replacement
hating on my virtues and the time it takes to shape them
I am caught regardless in the darkness of my statements
taste the vapours of the spectres of the paper chasing
raised in sectors of the matrix with a taste for hating
on any thing that may resemble all of fates creations
I take creation and destroy it with a sacred patience recreational destruction is my occupation
tribal spacemen lost within the urban stages
I’m shamanic dodging doctors and inoculation
I slap religion out of bibles and indoctrination geometrics mathematics and approximations
flower children growing from the shattered paving disillusioned sitting on the block with pagans scorching orchids in the morning under consolations
there’s rosters of creation where the plots are vacant sculpting mobsters out of shadows and the rocks their breaking
chasing dragons through the caverns with their lost relations
where truth unravels in the fathoms of these consternation’s Haunted nations taverns where we juggle panels
there’s double barrels full of struggle in a thugs apparel
shitty creeks peaking with a muddy paddle loves enamel
drug mules and bloody saddles
I’m staying heavy for the sake of it
Life’s a gamble the sTakes are what we make of it
Transformation rise up and take a bit sleeping dragon
be careful don’t awaken it
Im still alive
my shadow in the suns proof
I begin to try demystify the untruth Blistering on desert sands
a single grain
Im naming every stone turned Over
By the devils hands
Rebel clans
Searching for an inch of fame
Flashing lights
Systems of a scriptures claims
Grip the bottle tight
Swung against the authorship
Maiden voyage through the oceans full of richer waves
Temptations thorns dismantled by the misbehaved
Sticks and stones
in glass houses
where we scrimp
and save
Throwing glances
at the answer to the sick depraved laughter that is heard within the darkness of the pictured caves true ellipsis eclectically eclipse
my shade
Where I find the true fixtures of the
hidden grades Forbidden glades Searching for a colder climb
self defeat
in my sober mind
To all degrees their sleeping on a bed of stories
They saw a map
and felt they understood the territory
A bunch of rhymes
Self designed to describe myself
A bunch of lies they designed so they can hide themselves
No parallel
apparel of the dead and gory
this ride to hell is free
wisdom isn’t bred for glory
The rose is red
The prose reversed the soldiers dread
I’ll stroll through heaven
Like the devil wasn’t told I’m dead
I stroll through heaven like the devil
Wasn’t told I’m Dead
The hidden gold is never carried cos the soul is led
reverse alchemy
None of us are concentrating
Yin and yang
The marriage wasn’t consecrated Ultimatums in the hour glass
Motivating movements of the shifting sands of time are on the road Sedated
hand signals
no virtue
for the Virgin Mary sister Magdalene resisted by the serpent early
in the book of life erasing all the births of Seth
Dead canaries in the mine shaft of a certain death
I am worth the attention you should pay to hear
intention over ritual Habitually I shake the fear
free from underneath my skin
and speak it to your Aching ears
I shake the spears of destination that Satan fears
Deafened by the vacant cheers
I felt the hatred
as the stakes appeared
Greater than the snakes and peers
Forever young
in the square trying to shape the sphere Looking back at yesteryear
Amazed that I’ve made it here
Man it’s been a couple months without the taste of beer
DeFacing all the faces in the shadows just to make it clear
I am just a moment as I hustle forth
Stranger than the fiction
Being spoken by a couple frauds
Shuttled by the utter force of karma into struggles jaws
I am simply human
i am nothing more
My imperfections are the beauty of my life’s capers
Fuck a couple flaws
I am like a sky scraper
Whipping angels into shape with some fly paper
I Take a moment to dissolve
Into divine vapours
Then revolve around the surface of my minds craters
Time takes us
ragingly and ageing
Underneath the heat
the path of healing is unwinding underneath my feet
Sleepily I find myself patience as the streets repeat
The same notions
The stillness became motion
Self Distilled by the keepers of a drained ocean

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