CMPND ft. Elsa - Crazy Town

High Focus Records is proud to present CMPND – ‘Crazy Town‘ featuring Elsa. A literal blow-for-blow account of a day (and night) in the most infamous town on the south coast of England.

Picking up exactly where they left off after their debut ‘Eagle Court‘ dropped back in 2019, Long Live The Court pits a kaleidoscope of contrasting emotions and energies against one another across eighteen brand new tracks. The highs and the lows, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, introspection, surrealism, insanity, debauchery, but most significantly, dreamlike instrumentals (dripping in swooning synths and fluxing drums) with unrelenting and electric lyricism.

‘Long Live The Court’ is out now.

Directed by: CMPND
Edited by: Honey JD


High Focus Records

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