Codewalkers - Preternatural

Codewalkers are back with a new single ‘Preternatural‘. Coupling their unique, upbeat fusion of genres with vocalist Seun Babatola‘s trademark probing lyrics, ‘Preternatural’ explores themes of choice and sacrifice, asking how far are we willing to go to get what we want and what are we willing to give up in return.

The track is accompanied by a video that tells the tale of a lone cowboy who, having lost everything, makes a desperate deal with the devil but, as always, the devil ends up having the last laugh.

‘Preternatural’ follows on from the success of their last releases ‘Somnambulism‘ and ‘The Way We Go‘, which received airplay on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio Wales amongst others. Recent live highlights include supporting Basement Jaxx at Merthyr Rising and headlining the inaugural Bevan Festival in Tredegar.

Fronted by Nigerian born Babatola and consisting of musicians from all over Wales, Codewalkers are a vibrant fusion of cultures, ideas and musical styles. Combining rock, rap and reggae into a live show full of energy the band can deal with serious issues lyrically – gender, violence and societal expectations – but their music will always make you move.

Vocalist Seun says of the track, “When I wrote the lyrics for Preternatural I’d been thinking about choices. Like many people, the last few years made me re-evaluate some of my priorities“.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the music business and my role as a musician. How far would I go to get what I want? Was I willing to sacrifice my time? My money (what little I had)? My family? My self-respect?

The preternatural suggests powers that are beyond what we expect. For me, it was the power to regain that dignity, to remember my worth, and to look temptation in the eye, shrug and turn away. I ain’t throwing away what’s important to me for the sake of money and success“.

Produced and directed: Jamie Panton



Silver high snorting like it’s rock and stains
Golden hands sticky from the blooded rain.
Platinum are the rings that bind
Glittering wealth? I’m a leave behind
All the weight threatening – to drown
Everything blocking out – the sound
All of it stressing me, keeping me down
If I’m gonna reach the sky keep my feet on the ground.
Keep it subterranean, GTA-4
Gangsta Albanians, crashing through door.
Stereotypical, everybody judging,
life is illegal, ain’t nobody budging
Fixing all the rules, like your life is supernatural
Treating us like fools, its on the actual
Facts are alternative, bloodline preservative,
Far right, far left, centrists are purgative.

If you’re wanting to grow, leave the hate that you know,
E ma pu ro the truth, jeje asoro O.
When a be time to let go, better the devil you know, better the devil you know.

Too hungry, dangerous, I
Drink moonlight envious, my
Skin reeks of earth and sweat,
and If the full moon hits I’m gonna lose my bet
I’m lose my mind, and if you ever find me,
Howling you better run and hide see,
Instincts from rage and shame,
Bronze eyes glowing in the sunlight flame.
I’m living this life like a virtual game
And if you see me glitching, glitching, shame
Call me the utopian, deadlier than plutonium,
Quick with all that boasting coming out urianium
Stay in your aquarium, live in your vivarium,
So cold-blooded i embody a solarium
Joking, my cranium is bigger than a studium
Ego so much bigger than the living planetarium.

If you’re wanting to grow, leave the hate that you know,
E ma pu ro the truth, jeje asoro O.
When a be time to let go, better the devil you know, better the devil you know.

Like a wendigo, we running through the snow,
Carnivorous we feeding chivalry with glow
Should a listened close, should a never made the deal, but
Better the devil you know

I’m reeling my fate is sealing,
Golden handcuffs from the pain that Im dealing
Never one to be tied to the truth, now

Take it to the end, take consequences.
Crypto inscripting soul bound sequences
Playing games at the crossroad pyre
better the devil you know,

So I’m stealing the seconds i got left,
Failed my family so they won’t be bereft
Guitar in my hand as I’m facing the fire
better the devil you know.

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